Writing: What’s Next?

Now that I’ve finished my third fantasy book (of a series set around the same events but each standing alone), I have to figure out what to do next! I’m going to let the fresh draft rest for a while, so in the meantime I can…

1) Edit and republish my old sci-fi book (my indie publisher is closing and handing us back our rights). I used it as a test before and maybe using it again to test whatever platform I use will be worth it. It’s a fun story, and I’m really fond of it, but it’s not sold really well and I haven’t put a lot of energy into it.

2) Do a final, final edit on the Book 1 (in writing order) of this fantasy set, and decide wwcoverwhether to publish or submit. It’s been out to a few beta readers, got good feedback, but I’m not sure it’s ready – how do you know? On the other hand, it’s probably as ready as it will ever be and at some point I have to let it loose. I have a cover, after all!

  • I could submit, but I worry it’s too niche and particular to my own tastes to attract much interest (I don’t like a lot of ‘popular’ books, so I don’t imagine I have written one!).
  • If I self-publish right away, am I putting an inferior product out there that just shouldn’t be seen, or admitting defeat without even trying? I have reasons for saying “No” to both of these, but I understand why it could be seen that way.

3) Do a first revision on Book 2, which I drafted a while ago and does not need a lot of work as far as I could tell from a first read-through. I’m really happy with it, and with minimal work it could be ready for beta readers (volunteers always welcome!). But “minimal work” could spiral out of control, and I still haven’t got a book out there.

4) Start writing something new. I’ve got a few more books planned for this “non-sequential series” I’ve got going, but neither is calling out to me at this point. I had to wait for a key bit of inspiration to fall into place to start the Book 3, and perhaps with a little brainstorming I could get the kernels in place to bash out another first draft. However, the last one has wiped me out a bit, and a change of gears would be welcome.

What do people think – time to finally get a book out there? Wait until I have two books ready before publishing either? Is there any value to refurbishing the old sci-fi space opera that never sold? Is it worth the trauma of a few rejections before self-publishing, just in case? Anyone interested in a beta read?


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