Freebies, Update 3: Delayed

I’ve been delayed in my ambitions to get to the next tranche of free books cluttering up my Kindle. Partially, this is because I’m still reading a few of the books from the first two updates, and I don’t want to get even more confused. There’s another good reason as well, but it’s a secret for now, so you’ll have to bear with for a few weeks.


Might as well pick the candidates, though:

Glimmer Vale – Michael Kingswood – 20457947

Why I picked it up: Sharp cover, neat blurb with plot evocative of Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven. Sold – at least, for free!


The Unwilling Adventurer – Heidi Willard

Why I picked it up: Intriguing blurb promised something that didn’t take itself seriously while having a good time, tackling tropes with a knowing wink.


Sorcerer’s Code – Christopher Kellen13279676

Why I picked it up: I like a mistaken-identity fugitive mystery, though I’d probably prefer if it weren’t centred on a mage.


The Seventh Horse: Shader Origins – D. P. Prior

Why I picked it up: Prequel novella (it turns out) to a popular series, wanted to see what the fuss was about.


Skip – Perrin Briar (or is it Pippa Babbage?)24489318

Why I picked it up: “Clockpunk” concept sounded interesting, though it’s a bit outside my normal genre boundaries (though it does say it’s Epic). Cover was nice. Bit confused about the author’s identity…


The Warrior’s Path – Catherine M Wilson

Why I picked it up: Liked the brazen feminist outlook, had doubts about the production values.


New World: A Frontier Fantasy Novel – Steven W White

Why I picked it up: Novel concept sounded interesting.17408269


Firehurler – J S Morin

Why I picked it up: Kept seeing it here and there, possibly via Twitter.


Already read in Update 1 :

Twisted Fate – Jeremy Laszlo – 16%

City of Blaze – H O Charles – 13%

The Last King’s Amulet – Chris Northern – 19%

Shadowborn – Moira Katson – 8%

Fell Winter – A J Cooper – 4%

Song of the Fairy Queen – Valerie Douglas – 7%

Enchantment’s Reach – Martin Ash – 20% so far

The Light of Theolan – Nick Marsden – 24%


Already read in Update 2 :

Fire & Ice – Patty Jansen – Still reading!

Red Axe, Black Sun – Michael Karner  – 51% (a while ago, before this blog series)

The Dreamer and the Deceiver – Alex Villavasso – 21% (it’s short)

The Key – Jennifer Anne Davis – 5%

Chronicles of Den’dra: A Land Torn – Spencer Johnson – 6%

Magic of Thieves – C Greenwood – 23%

City of Rogues – Ty Johnston – 6%

The Last Priestess – Elizabeth Baxter – still reading!


Still to read:

The Weight of the Crown – Tavish Kaeden (also in the SPFBO)

Stormsinger – Stephanie A Cain – not medieval but not punk, so ok.

The Kinshield Legacy – K C May

A Dance of Dragons – Kaitlyn Davis

The Book of Deacon – Joseph Lallo – big seller, this one

The White Tree – Edward W Robertson – another bigger indie name

Dawn of War – Tim Marquitz – and another, associated with Ragnarok Pub.


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