My Books


Independent Action Independent Action is a sci-fi war story I wrote when I was young, excitable and into a lot of fun sci-fi tropes.  Worth a look if you ever liked to watch, read or play Star Wars, BattleTech, StarCraft, Robotech, etc.  I never got around to the planned sequels.

It had been for sale in ebook, published by Indie and available through all good ebook retailers. However, the publisher ceased trading and the rights are now back with me, so watch this space or get in touch for a copy.


I have another series in the works which will be somewhat-epic fantasy.  The books draw on my love of fantasy from before Tolkein through to tomorrow.  They have a historic bent, but are not conservative.  People die, and while it’s grim and dark, there is a chance Good will prevail.  There may be a final confrontation, but the main characters will be dragged there kicking and screaming.

You will love them.


The first is The Winter Warrior, the story of how an exile’s quest for revenge is hijacked by the gods. An unpopular prince and a troublesome bard only complicate matters – and they are his allies!

I’m looking for beta-readers or early reviewers, so if you like historic epic fantasy that’s modern but respects the finest traditions of the genre, and you don’t hate everything I’ve posted on the blog and twitter, get in touch for a free book.

The second (in writing order, not sequence) is Harbinger’s Herald, the story of a boy’s struggle with faith, acceptance and some dangerous secrets. It’s going through revisions right now, but it shouldn’t be too far behind Winter Warrior. This boy has no special destiny or hidden talent (besides being good at numbers), but he makes a lot of friends (and enemies) along the journey of his lifetime. Beta readers welcome!

I’ve also finished a third book set around the same global events, and this one is the tale of two (then three) agents/assassins who discover a conspiracy against their eternal Emperor – told from the point of view of the faithful servant who has secrets of her own. The preliminarily-titled Swords of the Second Sun won’t be ready for a while, but if it interests you, please get it touch.


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